Had fun doing a podcast interview with Scott Hansen on Success Nation

Tune In: http://www.meetadvisors.com/successhackers/shalom-klein


Passion Play:

After a long day of work, Shalom noticed an invitation from the White House in his mailbox, which led to him meeting President Obama, who asked him to keep improving the world of small business!

Fail Forward:

Shalom can’t count the number of times he’s had to learn from mistakes, but he always makes sure to learn from his errors with the help of mentors and a positive outlook.

Lightbulb Moment:

Shalom scheduled a casual meeting, expecting 20 or so entrepreneurs to show up. When 75 people arrived, he knew he was experiencing an “A-ha!” moment!

Success Hack:

Two hacks can change your life – know who you are, what you do, and who you wish to meet, and remember that givers gain! Listen to others and be prepared to impress them when the time comes!

Randomness Round:

Shalom reveals the best piece of advice he’s ever received and what he would have done differently at age 15!