Want to learn more about Shalom? Ask his colleagues and clients.

“Shalom is an incredible connector who cares deeply about growing the Illinois economy and putting people to work. I am honored to work with Shalom on The Business Event and appreciate the impact he makes in people’s lives on a daily basis.” — Elliot Richardson

“Shalom is the consummate networker. He’s a natural connector who automatically thinks about introducing people to others he may know. I was recently a speaker at one of Shalom’s networking events and it couldn’t have gone better. The event was well attended and Shalom was an excellent facilitator. ” — Michael Shapiro

“”Do you have any recommendation on who might have a suggestion for me?” Since I’ve met Shalom in March 2011, one standard answer I give to this question is, “Shalom Klein.” Shalom’s interactions epitomize networking. He’s built a stellar reputation through working hard at sharing the appropriate resources for people. As he learns of opportunities or meets new people, he naturally makes connections in his head–and then reaches out and concretizes those connections. His kind demeanor and strong belief in helping enable others succeed in doing precisely that: enabling the people he meets to move forward, whether in a job search or a search for services.” — Norman Eliaser

“I have known Shalom for a couple of years. I have been excited to work with him because we share some common values. We both believe we should help our business community become stronger and more successful, We both believe in growing people so they can provide for themselves and their families. Shalom is a great resource for our business community. I strongly recommend him as a supporter and advisor to small businesses and entrepreneurs.” — John Maxwell

“Shalom is a consummate networker in the true sense of the term. From the moment we met, Shalom was thinking of ways and opportunities to connect one with others. He is a master connector. Shalom also has a radio show on WIND where he has guests talk about their entrepreneurial experiences. Having just been a guest on the show, I can say he makes it a wonderful experience. He’s a host in the real sense of the word.” — Michael Shapiro

“Shalom is one of the most giving and connecting people I have ever known. We are blessed to have him in our lives. For business owners, employees and job seekers he is a true Mensch who practices my favorite them (from Rotary): Service Above Self.” — Andy Vass

“Shalom Klein is the embodiment of an entrepreneurial consultant. He cuts through the theoretical and puts together people, business plans and strategies that work in the real world.his networking in the business and political arenas are amazing and he has the year of a large population of movers and shakers.

It isn’t often that one gets a chance to work with someone of Shalom’s talents. I highly recommend that you follow his activities on social media, attend his events and listen to his weekly radio show on WIND.” — Linda Forman

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Shalom Klein for Public Speaking, Networking, and Community Engagement.
In my opinion Shalom has admirable charisma and the ability to inspire a community. His skill in creating networking events is commendable and in great need to match talent with employers and the business community.

I strongly recommend Shalom Klein as your business advisor, community organizer, and networking professional, I am sure that you will be more than satisfied with his performance.” — Richard Trumbo

“Shalom is a dynamic and creative person working hard to connect people in business. His efforts to help people acquire job skills and find them a job is extremely admirable. We thoroughly enjoy working with Shalom.” — Steve Coven

“Shalom Klein is the real deal. He “walks the talk” and is known throughout the community as an extraordinary connector and business leader. Shalom is a master relationship builder who has the keen ability to identify needs and strategize solutions. He is involved in multiple endeavors and puts all his energy and passion into them, executing their missions flawlessly. I am amazed and inspired by how much he has accomplished, and know this is just the beginning. I highly recommend Shalom for so many reasons. He is someone who is authentic, generous, resourceful, passionate, and one you can trust to follow through with his commitments.” — Linda Jonesi

“Shalom Klein is passionate about business. He brings a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation to all of his endeavors. Shalom’s work promotes and facilitates networking among professionals, which is critical for success in business. He has helped many individuals establish and reestablish themselves in a variety of professions. Shalom is also dedicated to his community and to charitable organizations. He is truly a remarkable individual.” — Shana Erenberg

“Shalom Klein is a respected community leader and tremendous interviewer. His show “Get Down to Business,” on WIND – 560 AM, spotlights business leaders who provide valuable information to Shalom’s loyal listeners. I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on his show. He asked thought provoking questions, while providing a respectful forum. And he has he guests focus on his primary goal, helping others find meaningful employment. I strongly recommend you list to his Sunday evening show. And if given the opportunity, be a guest.” — Spencer Maus

“Shalom is a master connector with a true talent for making matches in the business world!” — Jessica Leving

“Shalom is a dynamic, highly skilled professioanal dedicated to the growth of small business. He is a relationship builder, a coach, mentor, and a can do individual. I highly recommend him …” — Dr. Norman Roth

“Shalom is an extremely dedicated and passionate individual in everything that he does. He always delivers on his commitments and does so happily. He inspires me with the scope of his work serving our community, but especially with his care for and desire to help everyone he meets. I would recommend working with him to anyone.” — Max Dayan

“Shalom is a born connector that naturally makes networking feel at ease. His knowledge and network is expansive.” — Victoria Quero

“Shalom has a knack for seeing how organizations, projects, people,…really, just about anything…fit together, in ways that are win-win for everyone. As a result, he now sits at the center of a networking web, making connections, offering help, and helping people accomplish things they would not have thought possible. I am both a donor to, and recipient of, Shalom’s efforts.” — Glenn Kapetansky

“Shalom is a powerful center of influence with an explosive network. His passion for helping others along with his tireless commitment to community development is truly inspirational. It’s an honor to call him a friend and sometimes I wonder if he ever sleeps…seriously. If you think you work hard, spend some time with Shalom Klein and you’ll find out what it means to be productive. ” — Justin Lopatin

“Shalom is a very detail and results oriented businessman whom I am proud to call a friend. I would recommend Shalom to anyone looking to get ahead.” — Edwin Vdovets

“Shalom Klein is a one of a kind dynamic person and connector. He is prompt to respond and very results driven. I have worked with him in many capacities and he is enthusiastic, professional and an all around great guy. Anyone who works with him is very fortunate; he is top notch!!” — Becky Adelberg

“Shalom Klein offers a sincere and dedicated approach towards helping others to gain success in business and life.” — Candice Kuhnen

“Shalom is one of the most effective business organizational builders imaginable. He has successfully worked in the accounting field, helped countless others obtain resources to be successful in their industries and is a genuine business person.” — Randy Usen

“Shalom Klein is networking extraordinaire. He created and built Jewish B2B Networking from the ground up and has assisted numerous people find jobs. In addition, his network is a wonderful resource in helping professionals connect and grow in their positions.” — Alison Pure-Solvin

“Over the past few years the Chicago area business and Jewish community have greatly benefited from the leadership of Shalom Klein. When the economy took a turn for the worse, Shalom emerged onto the scene with Jewish B2B Networking and Jewish Business News. He used his public relations and networking skills to bring businesses and people together. Three years later countless individuals have found good paying jobs and small businesses are thriving at a time when the rest of the state spirals downward. Shalom works with elected officials, business leaders and community groups to improve the job climate, promote prosperity and better the lives of his fellow citizens. Shalom developed his business and public relations acumen serving as Vice President of the accounting firm Moshe Klein and Associates. His dedication to the Jewish community is unparalleled and his efforts were recognized in March 2013 by Keshet as Shalom was honored with the Community Service award. I am proud to have worked with Shalom on various projects over the past three years. His success is inspiring and his dedication to his community should be emulated.” — Paul Miller

“The brilliance of Shalom Klein is his ability to create service to the community with a genuine concern for the human spirit. Everyone’s friend, his followers are many, he’s respected and admired for his personal generosity. Shalom is masterful at his marketing of businesses; strategizing and developing successful projects. A born leader, Shalom will make many achievements for himself and for others.” — Carrie Cohen

“Shalom is a dynamic and very skilled business owner and networker who brings people together. He has really created a “niche” in the Chicagoland Jewish community through his efforts and connections and he is always willing to go above and beyond to help others. If you are a Jewish jobseeker, business owner or just looking to network with others, HE is the guy to know1” — Ellen Marshall

“According to Webster dictionary the term networking means – the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. Shalom is a mensch and takes networking to a standard for the rest of us to follow.” — Anup Manchanda

“Shalom is the most amazing and effective networker I have met. He has a mental database consisting of hundreds, if not thousands of Chicago professionals. Based on his knowledge and intuition, he is consistently able to connect two people in ways that are beneficial to both of their businesses. Shalom is a guy who gets things done.” — Jonathan Lehrer

“Shalom is a dedicated, tireless and energetic professional, truly focused on helping others. I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise in all areas of networking and the job search process. Shalom gets the job done. He has my highest recommendation.” — Chaim Shapiro

“Shalom is a true relationship builder. He loves to connect people , make introductions and foster friendships. He really knows how to “give” and uniquely isn’t looking for the “get”. Shalom has a wonderful ability to listen to people and figure out where/ how he can be helpful. I know that Shalom is always thinking of ways to creatively get people working with each other. I thrilled to count him as a colleague and business partner.” — Sari Klein

“Shalom Klein is a consummate business and people developer. He builds trusting relationships with his clients, business owners and candidates seeking new jobs. I have rarely met someone with as much energy, commitment and focus. Shalom delivers outstanding conferences for small businesses and job seekers. If you need a resource, Shalom will get you that person. I have presented at The Business Event for the last 2 years and have been impressed by the growth of this event and his commitment to a quality experience. I feel honored to be a part of Shalom’s community, both personally and professionally.” — Lynn Hazan

“Shalom Klein takes networking to new levels. With an innate ability to mobilize others to action, and to create opportunities for growth within the B2B and B2C communities, he has worked diligently to support business, to generate growth, and to connect others with like-minded professionals. Shalom is an incredible resource, a willing knowledge-sharer and knowledge-worker. It is a joy to know him, to collaborate with him, and to respect and honor the connections that he makes. I am proud to call him a business colleague.” — Sharon Weinstein

“Shalom epitomizes what business people strive to be. He has an innate ability to connect with a wide multitude of people and do so in a timely manner. I have recommended Shalom to numerous clients of mine knowing that he treats everyone fairly and is a true resource. His approach of, How can I help you?, is what truly separates him from other business professionals.” — Paul Waterloo

“I have collaborated with Shalom since 2011. The following adjectives describe how I felt about him after any interaction we had:

Innovative, Generous, Community-Oriented, Persistent, Open-minded, Enterprising, and Thoughtful.

I have gone to Shalom when I needed

  • To be perfectly connected to someone
  • To receive insightful feedback
  • To learn about the communities needs

It is an honor to write a recommendation for Shalom. His organization and foresight are helping the community grow in a healthy and productive manner especially in the arena of economic empowerment. We are lucky to have him in our corner.” — Jonathan Goldstein, July 10, 2013

“My professional experience with Shalom Klein has been nothing but extremely positive and productive. Positive from the standpoint that he is extremely responsive, organized, and focused. Productive from the sense that each of our encounters has led to a progressive “purposeful” business objective with harmonious follow-up and execution. There are many business executives who struggle with time management; especially when managing multiple silos. This is not the case with Shalom, who sets expectations accurately and delivers what he promises in a timely manner. I feel blessed to have met Mr. Shalom Klein and look forward to a long term business relationship that bears much fruit for all parties involved.” — Todd Schweich

“Shalom Klein is a very unique individual who reached multiple communities to connect in a short time. Shalom know how to interact well and to connect people in the business world in his own special way. Shalom is my business mentor in  several different  aspects. Any chance I am able to work with him I will jump on it. Most important, although being very involved in a lot of things Shalom makes sure to follow up and follow through with everything.” — Barak Gilor

“It is an honor to know and work with Shalom Klein. He is a stong and dedicated community-minded thinker. He believes in what he sees, ”down the road”. He is an awesome leader.” — Valerie Abramson

“I have met Shalom Klein several times over a number of years, especially when I was job hunting. He impressed me with his networking skills and his desire to help others, as well as his business sense/sensibility. As a result I have consulted with him on occasion and asked him to speak at some job search networking groups. His networking skills and desire to connect people are exceptional. I would heartily recommend him as a speaker or as a business consultant to anyone in need of a proficient, caring, knowledgeable, intelligent and adept professional.” — Sue Masaracchia-Roberts

“Shalom has proven to be an incredible resource and friend. His ability to put the right people in touch with each other is invaluable.” — Jake Weiss

“Shalom is the ultimate example of caring for others. Shalom has provided seminars, built relationships and facilitated networking for businesses and individuals. Instead of sitting back he organizes events to help others network and meet potential employers and employees. Shalom also runs workshops to help people update their social media skills and gain business resources for those wishing to start their own businesses. Shalom has done what people twice his age have never accomplished. Shalom also cares about his community and is a member and leader of several organizations. He doesn’t just say something, he gets out into the community and works on issues.” — Helene Santoro

“I have had a few chances to work with Shalom. He is an expert and great resource for building solid connections, strong relationships, and Shalom is an true professional. He understands how to take an idea, create a vision and see it through to its final outcome. Shalom has been a valued resource to so many people, and has developed a network that is second to none. Most importantly, he understands professional networking and community building, and knows how to utilize his connections to empower all members of a community. I enjoy working with Shalom Klein, learning from him, and highly recommend him!” — Beth Rosen

“Shalom is wise beyond his years. He has done what I continue to strive to do. He had married his passion with his profession by doing all he can to help make others lives better. He doesn’t just say he will do something, his actions every day speak for those he cares about. If you are in Shalom’s care, you are in good hands.” — Gregg Elstein

“Shalom is a powerhouse. That is really the best way to describe him. His energy, concern for others, and professionlism are only a few of the reasons that he has acheived so much. Every single time I have called or emailed him, he has made me feel like I am the only person that mattered to him at the moment. That isn’t just a “skill”, it is just an extention of his true willingness to help others, both professionally and personally.” — Neil Harris

“I attended some of the Jewish B2B Networking events coordinated by Shalom Klein and I was very impressed with them. I participate in other networking groups and this one is the most creative and organized. I am currently seeking employment, and Shalom encouraged me to attend in order to expand my network and meet business leaders in the community. I made excellent connections at the meetings and I highly recommend this group.” — Asher Karoll

“Shalom Klein has taken the initiative in developing the Jewish B2B Networking group. In just a few months, he has drawn together over 100+ businesses from around the Chicagoland community and has assisted many businesses in networking and growing their operation as well as introducing job seekers to potential employers. His monthly meetings are a resource to all that attend.” — Laurie Rosen

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Shalom Klein’s incredible networking reaches these past months. He has proven time & time again that he lives his life by the motto of “it is better to give than to receive…” I am convinced that he achieves more for people in 1 week than most achieve for others in their adulthood.” — Steven Schwartz

“Shalom is a “civic” individual. He is a person who gives of his time, effort and talents to help others. In a short amount of time, Shalom has made a significant impact in the regional community around Chicago. He has likely connected hundreds – if not more – people together for employment and other mutual benefit. Our society is better with people like Shalom Klein.” — Jeff Weber

“Shalom is a dynamic networker whose ability to gather and synthesize information and then put people and businesses together is nothing short of amazing. He’s a wonderful resource to hundreds in the Jewish community as well as the greater Chicago community. A true gem.” — Shalisha Erenberg

“Shalom is the Ultimate Business Development and Networking Guru. He just gets it….he understands that networking is what helps people find jobs and he has single-handedly become a one-man LinkedIn team. Hooray for anyone lucky enough to have Shalom in their corner. He has and continues to open doors for our many candidates at JVS.” — Linda Wolfe

“Shalom has shown incredible energy, determination and creativity in building JB2B. Well done with more to come!!” — Laura Tomsky

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Shalom for the past 2 years. Shalom is energetic, smart, and self motivated. He is the definition of true a go-getter. I first met Shalom at one of his Jewish B2B Networking events when I first moved back to Chicago and was out of work. As a direct result of attending his event, I became employed fairly quickly and have been working with Shalom in some capacity ever since! Shalom sits on Keshet’s Professional Leadership Board and is fantastic to work with. He is a forward thinker and dedicates himself 100% to all projects he’s involved in. He has my highest recommendation.” — Deb Weiner

“Shalom is one of the hardest workers I know. You always has the interest of many at heart and always gets the job done!” — Dennis Gelbart

“Shalom Klein is the best networker I know. He knows everyone and is tireless in creating events that help small business, entrepreneurs and job seekers. The Business Event has grown exponentially in 3 years due to his hard work. Shalom is also personally generous in recommending people he respects.” — Iris Marreck

“I first networked with Shalom Klein through LinkedIn as I am currently at a transition point in my professional life. Through social networking, he has provided me with much advice and recommendations regarding networking for employment opportunities. Shalom makes a sincere effort to provide employment opportunity for many and is dedicated to networking for numerous job seekers. He answers every email and is very approachable and receptive to job seekers in the context of being very humble. Shalom is a prominent organizer of the annual small business and employment event of the Jewish B2B Networking, Inc. and of the Small Business Advocacy Council. Such is an example of the humanitarian effort he contributes to everything that he does, both personally and professionally. In addition, he is a quintissential entrepreneur with a primary aim of creating jobs and promoting job opportunities for many, including myself, in the Greater Chicago area. He is also a pillar of support for many organizations including the Jewish B2B Networking Group, the Small Business Advocacy Council, and Keshet. Meeting Shalom is an inspiration to hopefully be similar to him in professional spirit and in personality. I am truly thankful and appreciative for his words of advice to attend the most recent Business Event of June 20th, at Evanston Township High School as it has immensely furthered my network in the Greater Chicago area in an effort to facilitate employment in this area. I am looking forward to moving to the Greater Chicago area soon, as I will truly enjoy furthering the network which he has helped provide me with. Shalom is an example of one of the most philanthropic individuals I have met.” — Jennifer Lewandowski

“Shalom is quite simply one of the best community organizers and effective advocate for small business that I have encountered. He is a pleasure to work with and always exceeding expectations.” — Mark Rice

“It is a pleasure to recommend Shalom Klein, a bright, articulate, accomplished young professional who is wise beyond his years. Shalom has a wealth of knowledge and shares it freely. He is a brilliant networker, making connections that will benefit others before benefiting himself or his organization. As the founder of JewishB2B, he has opened the door of opportunity for countless numbers of people who would otherwise not connect. I applaud his efforts at doing what seems impossible, and doing it with great ease, confidence, and success.” — Stephen Weinstein

“Shalom is a genius when it comes to networking and he knows how to connect people from all walks of life. I am an educated professional who has always been in the workforce and I have learned other techniques in many of the workshops he put together which have helped market my skills more efficiently. Shalom also has encouraged me to try out-of-the-box techniques in networking which has connected me to other professionals who have given me great ideas. His networking event is a great opportunity for your job search as well as developing your business. I can guarantee that you will walk away with a connection, which leads to another connection.” — Wynne Harrison

“The interesting aspect of LinkedIn recommendations is that they freeze-frame an individual in time. As people move forward in their professional careers, they can look back on the content left for them by peers, know where they were and gauge the level of the value they created. At the time of this recommendation for Shalom Klein, he displays a maturity well beyond his years. I could say he is destined for greatness, but he is already there. He is a superb community builder who does so much more than merely collect names. His network is alive, and he puts people in position to succeed. Having spoken at his events, I know the level of care he puts forth in making them work for everyone. I look forward to future collaborations.” — JD Gershbein

“Shalom is great guy doing some amazing things. After all, connecting people, supporting business owners to make a livelihood and empowering jobseekers to value themselves and find work is invaluable holy work. If his talent for finance is a fraction of what it is for networking people and advocating for small businesses I suggest you hire him today!” — Stephen Rosenbaum

“Long before my involvement with Jewish B2B Networking, I had heard stories about a young entrepreneur, who devoted his time to bringing people together, and inspiring new opportunities. Shalom’s reputation as being a well-liked, well-connected networking guru, was confirmed upon meeting him. I was immediately impressed by his down to earth nature. Shalom genuinely cares about connecting people, and it shows through in his work.” — BJ Appell

“Shalom is an outstanding community activist, Few people can match his achievements on behalf of the Chicago business community. His passion and dedication to small business and to fostering and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in our community is without peer” — Yaron Kimmelman

“Shalom understands that the value of networking is in helping others to succeed. This includes engaging career coaching professionals such as myself in his community oriented job search efforts, and small business advocacy. Last year, I joined a mission led by Shalom to Washington D.C. to generate an expanded dialogue of new ideas with members of congress. Shalom was impressive on that trip, and continues to impress. Given his growing public service reputation, I would not be surprised if he joined the ranks of congress himself one day!” — Steven Steinfeld

“Shalom is an amazing person. He is incredibly adept at networking, but beyond his amazing people skills, he is the real deal. He is one of the most genuine individuals I have ever worked with. I would very highly recommend Shalom to you in any capacity. If he can help or facilitate, he will !” — Rick Kruger

“Shalom is a people connector and a doer. He is an incredible person to know and he genuinely wants to help others find jobs and help small businesses grow. I am simply amazed at all he accomplishes. He is reliable and honest and responsive. He is definitely someone to know in Chicagoland! Look for more great things from Shalom!” — Mary Toomey

“Shalom is an excellent detailed driven person who gets the job done. It is a pleasure working with him. He is a master at Public relations as well as job networking.” — Efrem Popel

“My relationship with Shalom best describes him as a networker extraordinaire, amongst networkers. He is a giver rather than a taker and understands a basic networking creed of what goes around, comes around, Both his people and his organizational skills are outstanding.” — Michael Yublowsky

“Shalom and I have been friends for about 4 years. During this time I have seen Shalom develop into a networking powerhouse and a sought after connector. When you hear “small business Chicago” you think Shalom Klein. His interest in helping connect people and create opportunities is unlike any other.” — Avi Lev

“Shalom is extremely personable, works well with colleagues and clients and is very consistent and reliable.” — Audrey Behm

“Shalom is a dedicated individual who is motivated to help the community first and foremost. He is an honorable individual who has helped hundreds of people find jobs, or business connections. He is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend working with him.” — Cary Wolovick

“Shalom is one of the most driven, ambitious and selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has done so much for me, my company, and many others I personally know. He is always willing to make introductions and to offer opportunities to help others. Shalom’s skills as a leader, connector and business person is far beyond his years. It is an honor to call Shalom a friend and a business partner.” — Brandon Lewin

“Shalom has more energy than 10 men, he is driven to help his community, and all that encompasses helping his fellow man. His drive and commitment never cease to amaze me. If you don’t know Shalom, I highly recommend you take the time to get to know him.” — Michael Cavanaugh

“Shalom is one of the best networkers I have ever worked with offline and online. He is constantly bringing value to his social network, and looking for ways to connect business professionals in new and innovative ways. He has taken the Jewish Business News from conception to reality in a lightening quick fashion.” — Andrew Nathan

“Shalom is fully dedicated and invested in improving the employment situation. His energetic networking talent is results oriented, and his ability to provide quality input to the number of people requesting his time is notably impressive. His visions are exciting and his collaborative style welcoming.” — Andrea Storz

“Shalom is a super guy putting his heart and soul along with his dedication in the communities he is serving. Cannot think of a more hardworking, more loyal or more adept person that Shalom!” — Michael “Srulie” Rosner

“Shalom is a visionary in business networking and career resources. I’ve worked with Shalom for the past few years on “The Business Event”, and it has been a fantastic relationship in both collaboration and seeing what can be done when energy, passion, and creativity come together. I look forward to continuing to work closely together with Shalom, and would highly recommend him!” — Debra Lawrence

“Shalom is the absolute best networker and facilitator of business in the Chicagoland area. His “pay it forward” philosophy is infectious and his tremendous core values alway shine through. I am a better person by knowing Shalom.” — Brent Novoselsky

“I recently attended a networking event hosted by Shalom Klein and his firm, and I was quite impressed! The quality of professionals in the room was high, and the overall event was run very smoothly. I have been to many networking events in my career, and this was one of the best! I believe this just speaks to Shalom’s dedication – both to being a great leader, and also being passionate about adding value to others within his network. Great job Shalom!” — Jeff Rosset

“Shalom Klein and MK &A is the best one stop shop for business services. They have a keen sense for tailoring programs that fit the clients needs, from marketing and networking to tax and book keeping, and consulting services.” — Barry Bass

“Shalom is a passionate business man that cares about his clients. His services are affordable and custom-tailored for the small-business client. I feel extremely comfortable when sending him to my clients for advice, knowing that he can help them with any number of situations, be it tax-related or otherwise.” — Tony Lenhart

“Shalom and all the staff at MKA have helped JET manage its books and thereby taken an enormous load off my shoulders. It has been a pleasure working with such a warm and friendly group of people. In addition, their pricing structure made it very affordable to my non-profit organization. Shalom himself is such a giving and helpful person. He has taken the city by storm with his networking success. It comes from his selfless and altruistic approach to life. it is no surprise that he was recently honored by Keshet for his contribution to the community. I highly recommend Shalom and all he and his company does.” — Rabbi Zev Kahn

“Shalom is every company’e dream come true. He’s honest, punctual and beyond affordable. His networks run so deep he could give the Mayor a run for his money in the next election. Anyone who gets a chance to meet or work with Shalom is lucky and smart!” — Jeffrey Kaplan

“Shalom has and continues to be a great resource for me. His ability to network is unsurpassed in our greater community.” — Stanford Gertz

“Shalom’s approach to business appears to be about genuinely trying to help as many people as possible. His effective efforts reward us all, thanks” — Mark Rosen

“I used to try and tackle my bookeeping on my own. I soon realized how much time I was wasting doing something I didn’t particularly enjoy doing. My Information Technology firm started to grow at a rapid rate and soon enough I found all of my bookeeping and accounting to be backlogged. Step in MK&A, for a flat fee they would handle my bookeeping and accounting monthly. My company also retails technological equipment, which of course meant tracking sales tax and a whole other arm of something I just didn’t have the gift for doing. Now, MK&A handles my quarterlies, sales tax, bank reconciliations and more. I have used MK&A for a few years now and I am enthusiastically satisfied with the results. So much so, that I tell my clients about them whenever the time presents itself. I will continue to refer Shalom and his team out because they do great quality work at a reasonable cost.” — David Le Roy

“Shalom and his staff are extremely polite, professional and knowledgeable. They have been my accounting firm for a couple years and they also handle many of my clients accounting needs which shows how valuable their ongoing services are! I highly recommend Moshe Klein & Associates.” — Karen Kelly3

“It is with great honor that I recommend Shalom Klein. Shalom is one of those truly special people who has an uncanny ability to recognize opportunity and coordinate strategic win/win relationships amongst his vast personal and professional network. Shalom genuinely cares about each and every person he interacts with. This sincerity coupled with his knowledge, exceptional work ethic, creative mind and ability to exceptionally execute on all tasks he takes on – make Shalom an individual that anyone would be lucky to know on a personal or professional level!!!” — Brad Becker

“I have had the pleasure of working with Shalom for the past year at Moshe Klein & Associates. Shalom is always there supporting our in-house team, building relationships with our clients, and growing new business relationships. Shalom is extremely supportive in all aspects of the company and offers a helping hand at all times. Truly an amazing company and manager to work for – he comes highly recommended!” — Emily Moharam

“Shalom Klein is a superior leader and manager. He genuinely cares about his employees and does his best to ensure that his people are both happy and productive. I currently work for Shalom for an accounting firm that is expanding. Shalom is doing a masterful job of promoting MKA but he is also keeping us happy by listening to our concerns. Whenever we see an issue or have a question, Shalom immediately responds. As an example, we recently switched management software and one employee had some challenges operating it. She communicated her problems and solutions. And, within one day, Shalom resolved the problem. I highly recommend Shalom as both a manager and leader and greatly enjoy working for him.” — Sam Neusner

“I’ve known Shalom for over 4 years now and in my 13+ years of industry experience I’ve never met a more tireless networker. Shalom goes out of his way to help others through an introduction, an event, and his accounting work. I’ve attended numerous networking events hosted by Shalom, and always found them to be well run, business focused, and an enjoyable time. If you are looking for a referral to another business, an introduction into the local business community, or a great accounting firm, call Shalom!” — David Farrell

“Shalom is an incredibly kind & helpful person to many, many people, myself included. A truly special individual of high-integrity and a dedication to his family, friends, clients and community.” — Seth Bankier

“Shalom and his team do magnificent, painstaking work. They have efficiently guided our company with their detailed and friendly presence. Not only does Shalom have good people helping him build and provide for his company, but you will find Shalom himself to be warm, soft-spoken and very caring. I recommend the great service and connection of Shalom Klein and MK&A.” — Mark Ingraham

“Shalom & the team at MK&A are intelligent, incredibly client focused and have a depth of knowledge that inspires confidence in their clients. I would recommend them without reservation. The value is unquestionable, I only wish I had started working with Shalom earlier.” — Irfan Jafrey

“Shalom is a fierce networker and focused on providing those in his sphere of influence with the BEST tools for engagement, business advancement and personal development. I recommend Shalom especially for economic development of small commercial strips and also networking for career advancement. Shalom has the pulse of the employment and business community locally and nationally!” — Stacey Flint

“My initial introduction to Shalom was through the Certificate Program in Jewish Leadership at Northwestern University/Spertus Institute. I found his observations in group discussions to often be the contribution that pulled differing ideas together into a coherent whole. Over time, I concluded that he was astute and thoughtful, so much so that I sought him out for advisement as I navigate a career transition. He is generous in extending himself to assist others to achieve their goals. I recommend him with enthusiasm and without reservation.” — Rhonda Blender